Monday 2 July 2012

Rattan Chairs: The Height of Effortless Style

   Once the haunt of cheap students digs everywhere, a new style of wicker has emerged and revealed itself as so much more than a passing trend. This breed of wicker uses rattan, a climbing palm reknowned for its long stems, to enable pieces, such as the chairs we're focussing on today, to be produced that are thicker, greyer and infinitely more stylish.

Rattan is strong, durable and fits perfectly into a whole host of different interior and exterior schemes. Gone are the dated flimsy strandings, the cumbersome shapes and the orange tint usually associated with wicker. These chairs are sensuously curvy, endlessly elegant and utterly sturdy.

The new-breed wicker manages to create a look that is both a firm nod to the dizzying heights of interior fashion, yet also to create a timeless style that is classic and homely.

Wicker has been a popular material for literally centuries.Archaeologists have uncovered wicker items from the time of ancient Egypt, from where it spread, in various guises, throughout Europe, where wicker baskets were found at Pompeii, and beyond.

We believe our beautiful rattan chairs would have had the Pharoahs smiling:

As always, we looked long and hard to source the very best design for our customers. So what is it that makes these particular ones so special?

The rattan chairs are thoroughly comfortable, with strong arm supports and a deep seat. They look perfect with or without seat cushions. Equally at home inside or out, our wicker chairs are relaxing to lounge in, with perhaps a cup of tea in the garden...

 ...or lingering around the dining table over a meal with friends.

We love these chairs when paired with natural materials. Nubby silk, cool stone and soft woollen throws and cushions all bring out the gentle hues of the rattan, as well as enhancing its beautfiul texture.

As you can see, its shapely curves look fantastic against a backdrop of limed, bare or painted wooden furniture.

As well as seeking out tremendous quality in any product that we stock at Relics, we also want to find the best value for our customers so were thrilled with these rattan chairs, which combine beautiful craftsmanship with a reasonable price.

Drop by to see for yourselves, or browse online, where we have our standard p and p of £8 for UK delivery.

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