Wednesday 1 August 2012

Bringing the inside outside...and back again!

It cannot be denied that we have had a great deal of rain this year. Call us eternal optimists if you must but, at Relics of Witney, we think that makes the balmy evenings we've been having of late, all the more special, calling for the perfect outdoor setting (remember this post where we discussed how to pull the essentials together?).

We love making these occasions into a bit of an event. Warm nights see us taking out cushions, throws and candles into the garden.

However, because of the dreadful weather we've been having, we wanted to show you that those elements which make al fresco dining such a pleasure, can also be used just as effectively inside.

These lanterns are the perfect example. Used outside, they are perfect for creating a warm, ambient glow to accompany late evenings. 

If the weather just happens to turn, and the rain drops start to fall, simply gather them up, place them in small groups on your table, or around your hearth as a roaring fire substitute and carry on the pleasures of evening company unimpeded.

They needn't ever cause a storage issue as the lanterns can be left on display when not in use. We like to leave the candles in situ so that there needs to be no long search for tea lights before they can be lit. Matches can be left in one of our rattan baskets nearby (try our grey rattan beauties for size...).

As we hope you've come to expect, these lanterns are of exceptional quality. These smaller lanterns perfectly complement each other. They are cast in solid iron and given a protective coating for durability. The larger latern features delicately rusted detailing.

Have a look at the way there is no fragile welding that is often seen on similar items:

Whatever the weather brings us this month, we hope you enjoy the rest of the summer
...inside or out!

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