Monday 1 October 2012

Farrow and Ball's "10 Ways With Wallpaper" Window Display

This month, we've decorated our shop front to tie in with

As our display shows, there's no need to limit yourself to using the paper on your walls. Get stuck in with these easy projects to give your home the wow-factor. 
Here are our 10 Ways With Wallpaper....
By using spray-glue to attach wallpaper, we gave these tired lampshades a new lease of life.

A simple stripe changed this budget clipboard into something really special.

We applied paint, added squares of wallpaper plus some of our favourite small door knobs, and have been bowled over at the complete transformation of this chest.

 Protect the covers of your books by carefully attaching your favourite design.

We've made way for some very stylish reading by laminating small strips of wallpaper.

Creating a stunning clock to tie in perfectly with your colour scheme has never been easier.

Storage Pot
Our stunning tin started life as a humble paint can. A thorough clean and a few scraps of wallpaper led to the creation of this statement piece.

Wrapping Paper
Using wallpaper as gift wrap is a very effective way to add the wow-factor to any present. 

Gift Bag
This was so simple to make, and a fraction of the cost of bought versions. Farrow and Ball's wallpapers are good quality, which means that these bags are built to last.

We've used different wallpapers to create these small-scale pieces of decoupage art. 

We'd love to hear if you can think of any other ideas? 
Come to Relics to let us help you bring your ideas to life.


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