Friday 1 June 2012

The Jubilee Spirit

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations coming up, we're feeling all nostalgic. Many of us are longing for a time when things seemed better somehow; more personal, more community-minded and less soulless but yet still making the most of all that modern life has to offer.

We're here to help.

This is exactly what we have in mind at Relics.
We want to be the antithesis of huge, dull DIY chains, to return to a time when personal and friendly communication was expected. We've created Relics to be a place where our customers want to browse endlessly amongst the best paints, practical purchases and beautiful accessories; to enjoy the process of taking time to search for the perfect light pull, or the door knocker that you'll still love in 20 years time, rather than rushing in and out, and on to the next mindless chore.

Our focus is on outstanding customer service.
Our staff's knowledge, combined with a carefully hand-picked range of products and a relaxed atmosphere has ensured that this is something that is regularly commented upon.

We've been particularly careful, when choosing how to showcase our goodies, to use fixtures and fittings that give a nostalgic charm to Relics.

Take our handles' cabinet, for example.

The carefully distressed frontage....

topped by beautiful wooden moulding.....

and enhanced by the iron-monger-style display...

...all add to that feeling of times-gone-by when the highest quality came as standard.

Of course, much of our stock is available online but to gain real insight into all that we stand for, we'd love to see you in store.

In the meantime, have a lovely, old-fashioned Jubilee weekend.

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