Thursday 22 September 2011

Autumn Entertaining Outside: Seating

Now that the weather has started to turn,
we still want to make the very most of the light evenings.

Let's take a closer look at how you can extend the long days in the garden,
by making the whole environment stylishly cosy,
so that you can continue relishing the golden autumnal light.

Your first step is finding the perfect seating.
It should be beautiful, durable and comfortable.

We love the casual elegance of the French bistro look.
One of our favourites is this table and chair set
(available from Relics).
It has a metal base painted in a soft apple green, 
which has been shaped to create a stylish, curvy look.
The solid wood slats have been given a painted wash,
allowing the natural grain to shine through.

We always recommend oiling wood that will be left outside,
ideally at the beginning and at the end of the season. 
This will ensure that you get many more years of
pleasure from your outdoor furniture,
as the oil helps to protect the wood from the elements.

For this particular table, Liberon Superior Danish Oil would work beautifully. This is a blend of Pure Tung Oil and natural oils with a UV filter. It's penetrative qualities bring out the natural colour of the wood while providing a water-resistant seal. It's suitable for all interior and exterior timber, except for oak, where Tung Oil needs to be used.
{More on this in a couple of weeks.} 

Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of dust, including surface-greying or mould as this can cause timber blackening. Apply the oil using a clean brush or lint-free cloth. We recommend a minimum of four coats, allowing at least five hours between each one - more will be needed in especially exposed areas.

Many bistro chairs can be very uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time.
However, these chairs have had the last slat of the seat angled to fit your legs,
so that the edge of the chair doesn't dig into the backs of your knees.

Next week, we'll be continuing this theme
 by sharing our ideas for the perfect garden lighting.

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