Friday 1 February 2013

How To Create A Scandi-Chic Floor With Osmo's Oils

In Part 2 of our mini-series featuring Osmo products, we'll be showing you how to create the Scandinavian floors that we shared in our last post.

There are so many products available that it can be daunting to know where to begin but by shopping at Relics of Witney, rather than a huge DIY chain, you can rest assured that we've whittled down the range for you; we only stock products that we love, that we have experience with and about which we can offer expert advice.

Take Osmo, for example. The downstairs of Kate's beautiful cottage used to be a mix of carpet and lino but has been utterly transformed by their outstanding range of naturally-based oils.

First, pine boards were laid (which can be supplied through Relics). Then, after experimenting with spare bits of flooring to see how the colour of the pine would change with varying amounts of tinted oils, Kate decided to enhance the natural paleness of the untreated pine with one coat of Osmo Polyx Oil in White Tint.

Osmo's Oils can be rolled on (with purpose-made rollers for the job) but here they were applied with Osmo's natural bristle brushes, which give an extremely smooth finish.

The White Oil Tint was followed by one coat of Osmo Polyx Oil in Clear Satin, which was, again, applied with a brush.

Kate chose the Satin-Matt Oil, rather than Matt, to give the floor a finished feel, plus the slight sheen maximises the light and airy feel that Kate was after.

Before committing to such a big project, we'd recommend experimenting with Osmo's oils on off-cuts to make sure that you end up with exactly the look you're after. At Relics, we have small-sized pots for this purpose, as well as treated wood samples to help you pick out the right combination of Osmo's products for your floor.

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