Thursday 20 October 2011

Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell

We discussed last week that Farrow and Ball's Exterior Eggshell has at times been given some bad press but we feel unreasonably so.

As long as their products are used as designed, that is to say as a system paint, then they perform extremely well. Farrow and Ball Exterior Primer and Undercoat grips the untreated wood, or keyed paint surface, and the Exterior Eggshell sticks superbly to the Primer. 

And not only in the short term. These two products are designed to allow the other to move fluidly alongside the surface onto which they are painted. Wood, in particular, will shift and contract with changes in temperature, when left exposed to the weather, so these qualities are essential in any outside paint. 

Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell is water-based and is probably runnier than other Satin paints you may have used. Watch out for drips!

When painting on subsequent coats, be vigilant in covering every last inch of primer, particularly in cases like this where the undercoat is almost identical in colour to the top coat.

Take a closer look at the photo above. The peg on the right has been painted with Down Pipe, and the peg on the left has only been primed. It's extremely hard to tell the difference between the two, so work methodically from left to right and top to bottom to ensure that your boot rack is thoroughly protected from the elements.

We're confident that the combination of Farrow and Ball's Primer and Undercoat, coupled with their Exterior Eggshell is a duo that will stand the test of time. However, if you'd like more advice, or to chat over other options, then we're here to help.

Now, speaking of painting, wouldn't it be great to have a one-stop trusted source of local trades people? We think so.....come back next week to see what we're setting up....

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