Thursday 6 October 2011

Gorgeous Wellington Boot Storage

What else would you need on your feet in wet weather but wellington boots?
The problem is where to store them once they are removed?
 It's all too easy to have them strewn messily around the back door,
particularly when children are involved.

If boots aren't stored well, rain can easily get into the opening and damage the boot from the inside.
Plus, putting on wet boots is never good.

At Relics, we have the perfect solution.

Our oak boot racks.

Easily fixed against a wall, these racks will make a beautiful feature of your welly-storage, which is no mean feat. Too often, storage solutions tend towards either the stylish or the practical. We were thrilled to find these superb quality boot racks, which manage to be both.

The boots are slotted upside-down, between the rails, to keep them completely dry, and off the floor.

As oak is a hardwood, it is extremely durable. The oak won't rot if left outside, but the glue in the joints, where the pegs attach to the rail, will deteriorate with time, if not well protected.

The first option is to oil the wood. However, it is extremely important to seek advice before choosing an oil, as only some oils are suitable for use with oak. Our Liberon Tung Oil is an excellent choice.

Used in a similar way to Liberon Superior Danish Oil, which we discussed here:
ensure the surface is dry and free of dust. Apply the oil using a clean brush or lint-free cloth. We recommend a minimum of four coats, allowing at least five hours of drying time between each one.

Once oak is oiled, it is extremely difficult to reverse the process. The oil sinks into the wood so cannot be sanded away. If you intend to apply colour to your rack at some point in the future, then do think carefully before pursuing this route.

A second option is to use paint.....

....but more on that next week.

First image via The Guardian

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