Monday 3 September 2012

How To Pick The Perfect Front Door Paint

Choosing the right front door colour for your home is not a matter of succumbing to the latest fashions. We want you to have a house frontage that makes your heart skip a beat every time you return from a long day at work, and that means putting aside other people's ideas of what's on-trend and focusing on what makes you happy.

This is easier said than done with the myriad of paint shades available but that shouldn't make you feel despondent. We're here to help ensure that the colour you end up with is one you really love. With that in mind, here are some questions to set you on the way to your perfect front door.

Are you drawn to warm or cool colours?
Don't restrict yourself to colours that are typically linked to 'hot' or 'cold' climates. Every colour can have cooler or warmer undertones, (or, for that matter, be thoroughly neutral).

For example, here is a picture of a front door painted in Little Greene's Celestial Blue. Although blue is traditionally thought of as a cool colour, this particular shade is warm and lively.

Conversely, see how this front door leans towards the cooler end of the red spectrum, with its blueish undertones. Try Farrow and Ball's Brinjal for a similar look.

Do you want your front door to stand out or to blend in? 
If you're stuck with a not-so-pretty look then we can help you pick out a colour which blends in with your exterior walls so that there is no stark contrast between the different surfaces.

This effectively means that the eye can move seamlessly over the front of your house, without noticing specific details, but taking it in as a whole. Try Paint and Paper Library's Estuary for the toning look below.

Or is your front door particularly lovely? If so, make the most of it by picking a brighter shade. For a smart, bright red, perfect against pale walls, choose Farrow and Ball's Blazer.

How often do you plan to repaint?
This is time to be frank with yourself. If the answer is infrequently then we would definitely advise choosing a classic colour that won't date, such as Dulux Gloss Black, which is hard-wearing and timeless. You'd certainly be in good company...

However, if you're happy to redecorate often then why not choose something a little more daring? We love it that these owners have created a look they adore by picked out Little Greene's Eau De Nil and Little Greene's Garden

Our last paint-picking question for you is this:

When looking at other people's front doors, which are the houses that make you want to stop and stare?
Search out beautifully decorated houses that are built from similar materials to yours, and, if possible, face the same direction (as we said here, paint can look surprisingly different depending on the quality of light it receives).

Be brave! Knock and ask the owners which paint they have used....though it's always worth trying a sample size out before committing to a full tin.

Of course, we are well aware that these questions overly simplify the whole angst of picking the perfect paint for your front door but we hope they have given you a good starting point, as well as an idea of the general assistance we can offer.

For a more personal discussion, with our highly trained staff, drop in to Relics, or contact us, for the front door colour of your dreams.

Images via Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Farrow and Ball, London Door, Interior Domain Designs, Maison Classique, Welsh Heritage, Sanderson, Relics of Witney

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