Thursday 8 September 2011

Our Favourite Front Door Paint Colours

After last week's post about
how to choose the perfect front door colour for your home,
we thought it would be a good moment
to begin introducing ourselves to you by
sharing our favourite
front door shades.

Liz's all-time favourite colour for a front door would be the stunning
Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball,
which is designed to mimic the colour of lead.

Here it is, moody and dark, 
as the front door colour of designer Abigail Ahern
but, be warned:
 as with many Farrow and Ball colours,
Down Pipe is a colour that changes hugely
in different conditions.

Here is Down Pipe in Relics under artificial light.

It is hardly recognisable as the same colour.
This is why we feel it's essential
to test out sample pots in situ,
before committing to a whole tin.

Kate leans towards fairly bright shades and picked out
Farrow and Ball Stone Blue as her current ideal.

And Steve? Rather topically, Steve has just painted his front door this week and has opted for this beautiful colour, which he mixed himself, aiming for halfway between Castle Gray and Card Room Green

When we took this photo,
it was overcast and drizzling,
which presented the perfect opportunity for us
to demonstrate how the quantity of sun your door receives
affects the quality of colour.

This door is South-facing, yet, in the rain, 
it mimics how the colour would look on a more shadowy, North-facing house:

And here's another image, taken later when the sun had returned,
showing its 'true' colour, as a South-facing door.

As we shared last time,
the orientation of your house has a huge bearing
on the specific paint shade you need.


We don't blame you. 
Come in to Relics,
or contact us for a helping hand.

Images: Abigail Ahern, Relics, Steve Gregory, Relics, Relics, Relics

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