Thursday 1 October 2015

How To Have The Perfect Weekend!

The season of mellow fruitfulness is firmly upon us, and we're in for more fine weather over the next week too. Come this month on a journey around how to enjoy the perfect relaxed, autumn weekend.

Start by having a leisurely breakfast. You can't go wrong with a hen that lays heart-shaped yolks {how do they do that?!}.

Breakfast should definitely be followed by a lovely, long bath, soft, fluffy towels within easy reach. {Rattan baskets in store at Relics of Witney}

A quick stop for lunch, outside if all is as fine as is predicted this weekend. This beautiful conservatory is painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray.

Then it's time to get ready for a country walk with the dog. Boots? Check. Barbour? Check. (The solid oak peg rails can be found here)

Umbrella (it is Britain after all!)...

Enjoy every moment of the sun's golden rays...

And then it's time for the home-coming ritual. Muddy boots on the rack (available in Relics of Witney)... 

Hang up coats over our sheila maid to air....

Or, if you're lucky enough to have a dedicated boot room then the disrobing can take place there. Don't forget to give those muddy boots a clean on our boot scraper...

Take in the last of the sunshine with a glass of wine in the garden, lighting one of our lanterns if you've left it a little later than intended (always the sign of a good day!).

And then it's time to head indoors for hot toast by the fire. Bliss!

There's just time for a quick sweep up to catch any fallen fire-debris - our fire sets make this job a real pleasure.

And bed! 

Relaxed, refreshed and ready for another day...

Images via Getly, Modern Country Style, Farrow and Ball, Country Homes and Interiors, hratshop, unknown, unknown, Ideal Home, Lewis Alderson, Relics of Witney, unknown, Relics of Witney

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