Thursday 29 September 2011

Autumn Entertaining Outside: Lighting

Welcome back to the next part of
Autumn Entertaining Outside,
helping you to make the very most of the long, mellow evenings.

Spending the evening in the garden at this time of year needs some forward planning. Last week, we looked at finding and maintaining seating that is comfortable, durable and beautiful.

This week, we want to talk about the importance of choosing
the right outside lighting.

We think the lighting that best extends the time for al fresco dining is candlelight.
It provides soft, golden warmth, which perfectly echoes the fading autumn sun.

We enjoy seeking out the very best lanterns to stock in Relics. We look for products that are excellent quality, and that will bring a cosily stylish feel to your table. 

Lanterns need to be able to withstand both heat,
when containing candles, and cold, when left outside,
as well as the sudden temperature change between the two.
When it comes to outside lighting,
it is not enough to simply look good on the shelf. 

Relics is renowned for sourcing products that last. 
These fir cone lanterns, for example, are made from durable cast iron.
They are pleasingly heavy and have been given a lovely finish that mimics
the aging rusty look of old lanterns left out in all weather.

The textured casing throws the candlelight
to create beautifully intricate patterns around the garden.

The sturdy hoops mean that they can also be hung if preferred
but we rather like them perched simply on the table surface.  

With the right seating, the perfect lighting and some warm blankets,
we hope you're able to relish these mild autumnal nights.

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